Individual Energy Healing Service
(service by appointment)


Dr.Richard Gerber 在<Vibrational Medicine>講述 : "乙太體是一種以能量呈現的精微模型決定著人體的生理發展。生理上的隱疾往往或可通過乙太體模型突變在數月前就預示出來。"
Dr.Richard Gerber stated in <Vibrational Medicine> that "The etheric body is a subtle-energy template that guides the development of the physical body. Distortions in the etheric template may be a prediction of illness months prior to it becoming manifest in the physical body." 
Vibrational Sound & Energy Healing Therapy

Session Period 療程時間 : 1 hour 

Session Charge 療程費用 : HK$1,200 


聲頻、能量療癒療程會視乎個案情況,結合使用任何其中的療癒工具,如 Solfeggio 療癒音叉、療癒身體能量音叉、喜瑪拉雅頌缽、療癒水晶、薩滿鼓或沙鈴,對應身體脈輪的運行和能量場。這療程幫助...

- 釋放恐懼、業力 

- 減除身體能量流的阻塞、

- 重新調頻身體和心靈的頻率回復完整性

- 喚醒內在的療癒頻率、

- 紓緩情緒困擾、

- 解開身體氣場的情感鎖、

- 減輕焦慮、

- 或改善睡眠質素 



The healing therapy is tailored to the conditions of the client and so will apply the vibrational sound and healing energy through any of Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Healing Body Tuners, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Healing Crystals, Shaman Drum, and/or Cabasa on the body's Chakras and energy field.  Thru the healing, it assists to...

- liberate fear, Karma,

- remove the blockages in the body energy field, 

- tune up the vibration of the mind and body to integrate as the wholeness, 

- invoke Spiritual & Healing Powers, 

- release the emotional stress,

- remove the emotional locks hanged in aura, 

- reduce anxiety  

- or, improve the sleeping quality


Ancestral Energy Transformation Therapy

Session Period 療程時間 : 1.5 hour  

Session Charge 療程費用 : HK$1,800 

人體的形成來自於受精後的細胞分裂,在過程中,繁殖的基因繼承著父母的基因型也可能載著他們和祖先的記憶並遺留在DNA裡。表觀遺傳學的拉丁文字意思是"基因組以外",透過某些機制引起可遺傳基因與細胞表現型的改變。 我們的表觀表達往往蒙受著儲存在人體DNA的遺傳記憶所影響,這些記憶可以是由袓先遺傳下來的錯誤信仰、某一代的不完美的生活。表觀遺傳基因相關的功能可以通過乙太體模型的療癒而得到轉變。表觀遺傳基因改變不涉及基因序列變化,但可以調節表觀遺傳基因的表達。


The human body is growing through cell division after fertilization.  In the process, parent cell divides and cells are reproduced in which carrying the parental genotypes as well as the parental / ancestral past life information that could be stored in DNA.  Epigenetics is the word literally means "above the genome" and relates to the changes that occur between the genome and the phenotype.  Our epigenetic expression can be determined by genetic information passed down from our ancestors through wrong beliefs and faulty generalizations that can be inherited through DNA.  It is possible that the epigenome could be affected by working in the etheric template.  Epigenetic changes don't alter the genes, but would affect the way they are expressed.  


Through the DNA/RNA/Pineal Grand vibrational frequency with other healing tuning forks, Ancestral Energy is released and the stored past life information in DNA will be re-coded.  Any stress, angry thoughts or other mechanisms negatively affecting our epigenetic code will be shifted.  Life in the present will be more meaningful and awake to the life mission.    


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Should you be interested in the healing service and look for further information, please feel free to WhatsApp (852) 5687 0362.  

嚴正聲明 :



The Vibrational Energy Healing Service is complementary healthcare techniques that may help to facilitate the rejuvenation of one's mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  It is never our intention to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases.  As always, in the event of any of the symptoms described herein, please seek the advice and treatment of a licensed doctor.