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Available Workshops & Healing Service

THE SILI WAVE is a platform, provides the Vibrational Energy Training Workshops, Define-Self Program, Individual Healing Service and TAROT Reading. 


The Vibrational Energy Healing Skills Workshops offer the know-how and techniques of using healing tools, mindfulness practice and so forth, for self-healthcare.  The training in workshops also explores the professional knowledge of the vibrational energy healing skills and simultaneously, facilitating the energy field of oneself.  Once the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are integrated, living  will be in peace and clear mindset. 

Define-Self Program is taught through Numerology to recognize the uniqueness of oneself, to acknowledge the strengths built inside and the life missions in the spiritual growth.  Having the growing awareness of the inner self, the confidence and capability of handling the challenges and taking the opportunities in life would be there.  Life is blissful.    

The Individual Healing Service offers the experience of energy flow through the body re-activating the self-healing power, resonates with the nature vibration.  Ancestral Energy Transformation Therapy assists to release the stored past life information in DNA that affecting negatively on emotional and mental healthiness.  Once Epigenetic expression is changed, the meaning of life missions would be clear and the experience in the present would be blessed and thankful.  


TAROT Reading facilitates to receive the message of the spiritual guide, when it is the time to re-connect for the growth, change, abundance of life.  

Vibrational Energy Healing Skills Workshops 


  • Mindfulness Practice。Self-Awareness   


  • OM Tuner Self Healing Techniques     


  • 528Hz DNA Transform in Love Vibration 


  • Pendulum Activation : Intuition & Insight        靈擺躍動: 直覺與洞察力之啟程 

  • SomaEnergetics Vibrational Sound Certification      


Define-Self Program


  • Numerology - Innate Energy Decoding   

       生命數字 - 潛藏能量解碼  

Individual Energy Healing Service*     


  • Vibrational Sound & Energy Healing Therapy 聲頻、能量療癒

  • Ancestral Energy Transformation Therapy       世代能量轉化療程

     *Healing Service by appointment


TAROT Reading                                        


  • 個人流年占卜函批

  • 單一問題諮詢

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